Monday, June 11, 2012

I am not, in fact, dead...

I'm just really, really, busy! I was planning on doing a little bit of a catch-up blog, but while I was gone, Blogger changed it's set-up and I really have no idea what I'm doing. What with that whole being super busy thing, I don't have time to learn the new set-up at this moment. So, I apologize in advance if reading this is making you feel like you have the room-spins or something. Anyway, with out further ado, here's what I've been up to in the past two months in a very brief run-down:

Frankly, I had been doing really, really, uncharacteristically well. Recently, I fell off my "Doing-Awesome Wagon" so, in an effort to get back on, I thought I'd start by organizing where I was and where I currently am. Okay, so by the end of March, I had some major goals to be working on and I did pretty darn good with them. Most note-worthy, I totally succeeded in getting a part-time job. It's not what I hope to be doing for the rest of my life, but it is fantastic-side money and almost 100% independent which mean, in a very strange way, going to work is my relaxing escape. See, while I am at work, it's just me and greeting cards, that generally say happy things. So, it's like really cheap therapy...if therapy also gave you a lot of paper cuts. Oh, and double as time at the gym. Seriously, I can do like six reps of fifty squats like nobody's business, now.

Which leads me to point two. I was kicking butt and taking names on the whole getting in shape of the wedding thing. I had just crept up to TWO sizes over where I wanted wanted to be and have dropped both. I lost roughly 25 pounds by mid-May. However, this is where I also fell off the wagon, see, I've stopped my daily routine, now I need to get back on it. The good news is, coupled with my job, I'm not gaining weight or anything, I'm just not losing anymore. Really, I'm working on toning now anyway. Soon, if I can figure it out anyway, I will be posting some before and after pics.

Of course, consuming most of my time is the big, impending W-E-D-D-I-N-G. Honestly, things are pretty under control. I take great pride in the face that I am a very low-key bride. As of right now, we have the church squared away, a reception site booked, a caterer, DJ, etc. We just don't know stuff like, what we'll be wearing or what we'll be eating or who will be eating with us. That's all details though, right?

Let's see, oh yes, because I just found out that I subconsciously hate myself, I'm returning to school next fall (aka, a month before the wedding roughly the same time that we're moving) to pursue my Master's Degree in Teaching in History. Basically, it's a degree designed to get you an M.A. in your B.A. field and half the credits need to become a certified teacher. You can than chose to go for another semester to complete teacher certification. Additionally, I'm applying for jobs in the same area since the program is designed for full-time workers. While this hunt is going on, I'm still pushing Mary's Historical Programs and am hoping to create some new programs soon. I will save that information for it's own blog.

Of course we are in the middle of the sesquicentennial's the 150th anniversary of all the major battles of 1862. We have already knocked out two for the year, but are averaging one a month (with the exception of June) from April through October.

So there you have it. The very brief rundown of what's been going on to prevent more frequent blogging. i didn't even go into the whole debacle of apartment hunting/renting/moving, the five-month-old Malti puppy currently doing everything in his three pound power to prevent my writing this blog, or the intense family history research I've been doing including the very real, albeit brief, possibility that the relatives I had thought were German may have been Russian.

Hopefully this post will publish okay and I'll be able to post more frequently these next few months. 

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